From Sketch to Screen: Ondrej Nekvasils gorgeous production design concept art for the Front Section compartments fully realized in Bong Joon-HosSnowpiercer”.

Would you wear a shoe (or two!) on your head?

Channeling my best impression of Minister Mason while reading the first volume of Snowpiercer. Did this crazy thing for the “Be A Shoe” photo contest on the movie’s official Facebook page.



There’s a room where the light won’t find you
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
When they do, I’ll be right behind you
So glad we’ve almost made it
So sad we had to fade it
Everybody wants to rule the world…


Okay, but this song was originally by Tears for Fears. Get it right.

Oh I know the original artist of the song, but Lorde’s dark and brooding cover of the track fit the tone of the film better, hence me crediting her instead of Tears For Fears.

And really now with your tags?

If you were SO offended by my post and you HATED to be THAT person, then you shouldn’t have reblogged this post in the first place.

There’s a room where the light won’t find you
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
When they do, I’ll be right behind you
So glad we’ve almost made it
So sad we had to fade it
Everybody wants to rule the world…


Guess who just got a copy of the brilliant source material for my favorite new film fandom? >_<

So far, my favorite bookstore—Fully Booked—did me an awesome solid and got me the first volume of Titan Comics' official English translation of “Le Transperceneige" and they are looking to send me the second volume as soon as they can. Will likely be doing a review of the first book and see what the differences are from the film.

Saint Loco, source of all life, roll on for us forever!


brentofthefabulouswild asked:

In regards to the logistics question posed by another user earlier, the Snowpiercer would definitely be within Russia by the time the Tail Section rebels take their first look outside the window since New Years Day happens in Russia (the map in the classroom video clearly shows it). And judging by the look of the expansive and precarious Yekaterina Bridge, I'd say Wilford built the tracks through the terrain of the Ural Mountains in Siberia.



Yep I definitely think they should be in Russia, or at least next to it. Probably not a big city though, since it doesn’t seem to have much besides a train station and some buildings (i.e not Moscow).

Now, I was going to argue with your argument, because I had searched on Google Maps, there’s a place named Ekaterina in Russia that can be found, in the middle of nowhere, and it didn’t seem like Siberia to me…


But actually I know nothing (Jon’ Snowpiercer) because the Ural Mountains aren’t that far!

So yeah it’s possible that the events of this day happen between these two points.

Now all we need is a Russian fan to tell us their opinion, that would be great!

If this is the case, then it would make sense that the frozen cityscape the Snowpiercer passed through would be the last major Russian city close to the location of the Yekaterina Bridge and Tunnel. Given that the speed of the train is 70-80 kilometers per hour, it really wouldn’t take the train that long to leave the last frozen urban landscape of Russia and arrive at the New Year’s Day marker in the same day (as was shown in the film).

And since we’re taking about geography here, I’d like to put in my thoughts as to the exact location of where Yona and Timmy stepped out of the wreckage because the Snowpiercer’s derailment happened a day after Happy Yekaterina Bridge. I would go as far to say that Yona and Timmy ended up somewhere in the Verkhoyansk Mountain Range, which is bordering close to the Arctic Circle, and as we all know… polar bears live in the Arctic Circle.


cabinboy100 asked:

Anyone know the Academy regs that govern this sort of thing—Is SNOWPIERCER disqualified from Oscar consideration this year because of its non-U.S. release last year? Do I need to give Weinstein co logos The Finger even harder because of this?




I don’t know the legal stuff about the Oscars, so I have no idea. Seeing the ridiculously small release in the US though, and the movie being straight to VOD, I don’t think it’s the kind of movie that would be noticed by the Academy. Like, ok they might love it, but straight to VOD movies are considered as cheap and not very good so… but who knows, maybe there will be a big surprise? Sadly I’m afraid all these huge ceremonies are intellectual masturbation and all about having the right friends in the industry. The results are always predictable based on what the Academy likes, what was popular, what made a buzz this year, what they’re gonna find exciting enough (a cis man playing a transgender female prostitute with AIDS, so unusual, so edgy, woaw!).

Now, the next paragraph is just my opinion and mine only, but I wouldn’t like Snowpiercer to get an Oscar. To me it deserves ALL the Oscars of course, I would like to reward everyone, and finally give Chris Evans the recognition he deserves, tell him he’s not just some eye candy but mostly an amazing actor, and give an Oscar for every aspect of the movie, music, special effects, direction, everything. But I wouldn’t want it to get Oscars. 

Bong Joon-Ho has been rewarded several times in his career, I remember Memories of Murder got all the awards in some police film festivals, and he’s been nominated and awarded in plenty of small festivals. The Host, Mother were big successes. But I don’t want him to bond with Hollywood. What Hollywood does to Asian, and specifically East-Asian cinema sucks, they remake movies instead of appreciating the original ones, they don’t give them enough space and exposure —and that’s precisely why the Oscar won’t happen btw. And if Bong was given the opportunities to work in the US instead of developing his movies with the same old team of Korean producers, sure he would have more money but Weinstein proved he would have less freedom. Basically, I wouldn’t want Bong to be rotten by Hollywood. I’d prefer if he got a slightly posh award at the Cannes festival for example (Sélection Officielle, or Un Certain Regard), as many East-Asian movies had, that’d be a better kind of exposure for him, not too overwhelming.

And finally, once again just my opinion, I would have a hard time seeing Snowpiercer getting an Oscar. A bunch of front sectioners partying together, in their fancy dresses that cost more than what my dad earns in a year, drinking champagne, congratulating the team for their “awesome take on the injustice our world, daaarling!” while not lifting a finger for the people dying in Skid Row a few bloks away? The mere thought makes me cringe, sorry.

With regards to this question, I can definitely say that “Snowpiercer" is more than eligible for Oscar contention in the 2015 ceremony. The rules for eligibility are explicitly stated in the official website of the Academy Awards:

Rule Two: Eligibility

That being said, if this film were to get recognition by way of Oscar nominations, I hope they would receive the following nods:

Best Picture (produced by Park Chan-Wook, Lee Tae-Hun, Park Tae-Jun, Dooho Choi, Robert Bernacchi, David Minkowski, and Matthew Stillman)
Best Director (direction by Bong Joon-Ho)
Best Adapted Screenplay (written by Bong Joon-Ho and Kelly Masterson, based on the French graphic novel “Le Transperceneige” by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand, and Jean-Marc Rochette)
Best Actor in a Leading Role (Chris Evans as Curtis Everett)
Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Tilda Swinton as Minister Mason)
Best Cinematography (cinematography by Hong Kyung-Pyo)
Best Film Editing (editing by Steve M. Choe and Changju Kim)
Best Costume Design (costume design by Catherine George)
Best Production Design (production design by Ondrej Nekvasil, art direction by Stefan Kovacik, and set decoration by Beata Brendtnerova)
Best Original Score (music by Marco Beltrami)
Best Makeup and Hairstyling (makeup and hair design by Jeremy Woodhead, makeup by Gabriela Polakova, and hairstyling by Linda Eisenhamerova)

Rumble, rumble!
Rattle, rattle!

What happens if the Engine stops?
We’d all freeze and die!
But will it stop, oh will it stop?
No, no!
Can you tell us why?

The Engine is eternal! Yes!
The Engine is forever! Yes!

Rumble, rumble!
Rattle, rattle!
Who is the reason why?
Wilford, yeah!


Snowpiercer Masterpost

I’m really happy that a lot of people here on Tumblr are finally jumping on board the Snowpiercer fandom after seeing the movie. That film really deserves a lot of love and support, so here’s a curated collection of all the things I posted about Snowpiercer (GIF sets, photos, fanmixes, etc.) so you can gush and talk to me about anything and everything about the brave new world inside the miracle train. My ask box is open for you to shoot me some Snowpiercer-related asks, you guys! :)


•    The Main Passengers of the Snowpiercer

•    Detailed Layout Map of the Snowpiercer

•    Color Study : Curtis Everett in the fuchsia strobe lights of the Snowpiercer’s Nightclub Section

•    OBEY Minister Mason

•    Minister Mason + Curtis Everett Fan Art Request by Karaii

•    Chris Evans Superhero Supergroup

•    Production Design Art Sketches of the Snowpiercer (Part 01)

•    Production Design Art Sketches of the Snowpiercer (Part 02)

•    Production Design Art Sketches of the Snowpiercer (Part 03)

•    Production Design Art Sketches of the Snowpiercer (Part 04)

GIF Sets

•    Curtis Everett : Reluctant Leader of the Revolution

•    Mason : Prime Minister of the Snowpiercer

•    Yona Minsoo : The Childlike and Clairvoyant Train Baby

•    Namgoong Minsoo : The Cavalier and Observant Security Specialist

•    Edgar : The Eager and Hotheaded Second-In-Command

•    The Franco Brothers : The Dapper and Diabolical Ministerial Minions

•    Wilford : Divine Keeper of the Sacred Engine

•    Claude : The Precise and Perfunctory Personal Assistant

•    Tanya : The Determined and Fearless Earth Mother

•    Andrew : The Fierce and Resilient Disabled Father

•    Grey : The Silent and Tattooed Rebel Warrior

•    Gilliam : Sage Elder of the Tail Section

•    Teacher : The Sycophantic and Demented School Governess

•    Painter : The Curious and Compassionate Visual Historian

•    The Secret Inner Life of Minister Mason aboard the Snowpiercer

•    Snowpiercer US Red Band Trailer GIF set

•    The emotionally expressive face of Curtis Everett

•    The Classroom Section of the Snowpiercer

•    The Aquarium and Sushi Bar Section of the Snowpiercer

•    The Wilford Story from the Teacher’s lecture in the Classroom Section

•    Curtis Everett vs. Minister Mason

•    Minister Mason’s battle declaration at the Yekaterina Bridge and Tunnel skirmish

•    The iconic “hat and shoe” speech of Minister Mason

•    The Front Section minions of Wilford

•    The Tail Section’s artistic historian

•    Curtis and Edgar : A Universal Paradox

•    Train Babies : The Children of the Snowpiercer

•    Favorite Facial Expressions/Reactions from Snowpiercer

•    Memorable Quotes from the Main Passengers of the Snowpiercer

•    The Seven Deadly Sins of the Snowpiercer

•    Shape Theory : Circular Motifs on the Snowpiercer

•    Curtis Everett’s Swag Club Walk Through the Snowpiercer

•    How Can I Lead If I Have Two Good Arms?

•    A GIFset Tour Through the Compartments of the Snowpiercer’s Front Section

•    The Ultimate Fate of the Snowpiercer

Fan Mixes

•    Sacred Eternal : A Snowpiercer Fanmix

•    No One Knows Who We Are : A Curtis/Edgar Snowpiercer Mixtape

•    Born of Cold and Winter Air : A Snowpiercer Sub-Zero Mixtape for Yona Minsoo


brentofthefabulouswild asked:

hiiii!!! it's me again, your new fan who stumbled upon your other blog with the beautiful blood/gore artworks! ^_^ so yeah, this is me following your instructions to place my request on this blog so you can make the color drawing of minister mason from snowpiercer. but i was wondering if you could include curtis too? perhaps sketching them in a sort of battle pose if you were to design a one-sheet poster for the film. so glad you LOVED snowpiercer btw. and welcome to the fandom too! <3




I didn’t go into too much detail because this is not a commission and I do these requests for some quick 15-20 minute fun. But I did draw you a Curtis and a Minister Mason!

Yeah, neither of them are having a particularly good day, haha XD